Here's my first attempt at a digital scrapbook page! 

I  tried making a regular scrapbook once.  GUH. I loved the idea, but hated the implementation.

Here's about how it went..."Oh, let me cut this $2 piece of paper...damn! the cutter screwed up that edge!"  and   "Crap! I crinkled it! Well hell let's improvise with what's left."  After using sheet after sheet of the most gorgeous (and very expensive) paper, I would move on finally to phase 2; the laying it all out part.  This is the fun bit.  Design, design, design! Next is the glue it in place bit and there's me... "Well uh, this flower is gonna make the page lumpy. And this clippy thing is going to make an impression on the next page eventually."  *scream*

This is much better.  The elements look three dimensional. See? Don't they just? But!!  When it's printed this will lie perfectly flat!  YAY!  FLAT!  And it's my choice to print or not to print... at any time.

I'm a very tactile person normally and much prefer real books to digital ones.  But in this case digital wins!