and that's a wrap, or is it?

Two days!! Two days it has taken, so far, to go through all of my supplies. I was able to conclude that I don't have enough beads.

Yes really.  (lol)

I have everything sorted into categories like, "Love these! Gonna use them!", "I might could use these", "These are so pretty I just want to look at them", "aw, these poor lil beads wanted to be good but they ain't" and "wtf was I thinking".   I would love to package them up and slap the whole lot up for sale.  I might just do that at some point.  I also have an epic fail pail that contains things that need to be taken apart and re-purposed.

I've got quite a lot of lucite flowery type things that I have enjoyed using to make the Peanut fun jewelry. I'm thinking maybe another shop just for little girls.  Fun!!

Tomorrow I have to get back to the house we left hanging when we collapsed exhausted a couple weeks back. It'll be a good time too since Peanut is going back to school and I've shaken off the strep that wasn't strep.  There's just one room left to go but it became the catchall for everything else.  Anyone feel like coming by with a shovel?

We have company coming  this weekend so we're preparing for that. The 'Noob has special food in store for us all so be sure to check out his blog for recipes and general whinging. 

This is Squee:

he's still evolving.