i felt a gnome. er....

This week I've been messing around with felt in an attempt to make myself a wee gnome.  I finished his body last night but don't you know I sewed his head on backwards.  So after picking out the stitches I'm hoping the felt won't be too badly damaged.

The felt I have been using is of amazing quality. I got it from The Daily Pincushion at Etsy.   She is supremely talented in the making of felty things.  Her pin cushions are amazing.  I couldn't possibly pick only one to show you so here are a few instead :)

A vintage look

and there's more!

Pink hydrangeas

White carnations

Aren't they beautiful?

When I was shopping for felt (after having excluded what I could find or get at the local craft shop) I found these pin cushions and thought.. wow, if I use the same felt my stuff will look just as awesome! lol.  I can't say they came out just as awesome because Cathy has a talent that I am completely missing. (Every stitch is perfect, the details are just to die for.. never mind how perfectly every flower petal is cut out!) But! I fully believe my ornaments came out waaaaaaaaaaaay better than they would have if I had not had her as an inspiration.

This all leads up to my wee gnome's head being on backwards and my hope that after picking out the stitches the felt will still be sturdy enough to withstand being sewn again. I'm going to guess that it will because the quality of this felt is just that good.

I was going to post a bunch of pictures of the ornaments I made for Christmas last year but I have to admit that I couldn't possibly put them on the same page as those pin cushions. When my gnome is ready I'll post about him and include those other ornaments there. lol

Please visit The Daily Pincushion.. you will love what else you'll see.  And,  you can get some awesome felt while you're at it :)