let the sorting begin!

As many of you know, this is my second go 'round with a blog & Etsy shop.  The previous Etsy shop was doing just fine, but sadly the mothership was going down.  We learned quite a bit from the experience and so we're moving on with a brand new start and a fresh face, as it were.  Sadly, I leave behind a tidy little sum of feedback, but it's still there for all the world to see on Etsy if anyone feels the need. So yay for that!

The blog bit was really fun and wonderful.. some of you know it as Grandia Road. I enjoyed very much featuring other Etsy sellers and will continue to do so on this blog, though it won't be the sole focus.

I'd like to infuse a bit more of myself which was missing on Grandia.  That blog is still there if anyone would care to check out what that was all about. 
So here we are.. in the midst of the Jenaissance, which is the revitalization of myself,  my life, and now my little shop too.

This week it's time to sort out the mega pile of supplies.  I'm sure that pile is not as huge as some, but it's still a daunting task.  I'm hoping to be done  by Sunday so I can actually begin to get photos taken  and some items listed. That's where the husband comes in--since I can't pry the camera out of his Kitchen Nooby hands I'll just aim him at the jewelry.  :o)

I'm also going to order some cards and maybe do a little shopping to shore up the findings department. (That's the best bit right there!)  I'm looking forward to finally being over this crappy infection which is an awful lot like strep but isn't.  (So sayeth the dr.)

Today's Fun Jen Fact:  I pronounce the word 'jewelry' as JEWL-ery.   I have to wonder if it 's a NY thing (where I was born and raised) or just a bad habit.   Upon reflection Ima choose NY thing.    If any of you are from NY and can confirm I would appreciate it.. I'm tired of my husband correcting me. lol.