mid week update

Schools closed early today here because OMG there were a few snow flakes falling. Seriously. Points north and east of here are being completely slammed with snow and it's day four of DC being shut down. (Someone should tell the politicians about that btw; we could all use a break from them)  It seems like my daughter is home more than in school these days.  Not that her school is doing such a great job teaching her anyway.  /sigh.

In other news, I'm having fun making some stitch markers for the Minlaw.  The possibilities with that kind of thing are endless. Will be sure to post pics of the finished product.  I have quite  a lot of  those piles of beads that would be great, whoa!  *lightbulb* I could make stitch markers from those Indochine beads!  I'm so relieved to have a good solid excuse for buying those.  :o)

The Peanut is having fun playing Spore. It's adorable when she asks permission to play a carnivore.

Time to shop! :)

This is Facular; he's an omnivore.