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Three hundred and seventy-seven pictures later I nearly chucked my little cybershot into the gully.  I suppose if I were to RTFM it would help me some, but in my defense it's only a few pages long.  It doesn't explain anything at all about things like ISO (what IS that?), overexposure, the macro setting, color settings (which I found by accident), or any of the other four thousand things the damn camera can do.  Nice, huh? Thank you Sony for delving so deeply with your manual.

I really like the photos that use depth of field, which in my terms means sharp in the front and blurry in the back. Kind of like the mullet of the photography world.  I still can't figure out why I'm not able to do it with every photo, no matter how many times I click to focus and re-focus. I'm also going to try to figure out why the camera refuses to focus on what's directly in front of me and instead chooses to focus on the 2nd closest thing.  It's a neat effect but frustrating as hell when you don't want the camera to do that.

Composition is also muy importante. After hours and hours of Etsy pouncing it's completely obvious why some folks remain in the undiscovered section.  Sad, but true.

Here's a tiny handful of what I was able to get today. Some of them are ok.  Most of them show flaws in the jewelry you would never ever see with the naked eye.  The first one shows a nice close up of the damn camera. I dunno how to stop that from happening either.. glass pearls = highly reflective, even in the light-box. Maybe I have light-box fail.   In any case, I'm just hoping to stand up to Etsy scrutiny.


Feedback is welcome and appreciated. :)


  1. Hey there, Jen. Just a tip about your focus issue. It may be due to you being physically close to the object you are shooting and also being 'zoomed in', when using your macro setting you should not zoom in at all or the camera will not auto focus in the near field.
    Hope that helps!

  2. Hey TamRock :) Thanks for the advice.

    I'm about to set up some photos so I'll be sure to check that I'm not zooming in! It would be just like me to do something like that :o)


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