a portal to the wee folk

Yesterday I mentioned that I had won a contest in which my prize was to be a fairy portal. Late in the afternoon it arrived and I couldn't be more pleased.

It was made by Kim at Clay By Kim who has amazing talent working with polymer clay. The detail in her work is amazing.  To learn more about Kim you can visit her blog here.  Before I show you some of her other items I have to show off my prize first. :)

Here is the door.. close up:

Zoomed out a bit:

As you can see, it fits neatly along the crooked molding near the floor.  It even came with special portal adhesive, which is wee folk friendly.

During installation, Q came by to do a quality check.


Here's a photo showing you the door fully installed:

I'm inordinately pleased with this little gift! As it happens I've been hanging with some folks over at PhenomeGNOME and have been participating in weekly wee folk photography contests.  Now that I've got this door I'm sure to have an influx of subjects!

But I digress. I was talking about Kim and her beautiful clay work.   I'm quite enamored with these eek-worthy bug magnets!

I have no idea what kind of patience it takes  to get these tiny details  but I can assure you, I ain't got it.

These make my mouth water:

Kim also makes pendants:

Gorgeous! Her work with leaves and petals reminds me of the traditional German carved candles. I saw a show on how those are made and have a new respect for the artisans who craft them.

Please stop by and see Kim at her shop and check out the rest of her beautiful work.