Ten things. Count them, 10! are ready for posting on Etsy. There are another dozen or so in the photography stage awaiting attention in the make-shift photo studio/closet. It's pretty funny sitting on a cafe chair in there among the clothes trying to get the right angle.  The chair is too low compared to the shelf the light box is sitting on. It was all going much more smoothly when it was on the dining room table.

I am completely at a loss as to the best way to photograph earrings for sale. Hang 'em? Lay them flat next to a ruler? a measuring tape? I don't have a half bust for displaying them on a pseudo-ear. Using a coin to show scale is silly to me since we generally don't go 'round with quarters or pennies dangling from our ears. One lady I know on Etsy has the earrings laying in her hand, which does show scale quite nicely (unless she has a freakishly large hand and is not divulging that) but my hand doesn't look good photographed.  Ideas? Anyone?

I'd also like to find a half mannequin for photographing necklaces; the leather-ette bust I use is too shiny and too curved making longer necklaces hang too low and out of the light. I did a search for mannequins (even used and broken ones mind you) and was shocked to see how much they cost. At a minimum a headless bust is $96. Eventually it might be a good investment. Right now.. not happening.

I don't even want to think about how to better photo bracelets; there isn't room in the light box for a mannequin bust let alone a whole dang arm. *Note to self: buy a house with a photo studio surrounded by natural, but indirect, light.

Coming up will be the grand opening of Jenaissance on Etsy and along with it a giveaway! You read it right baby, a giveaway. Who doesn't love one of those?  Details to follow sometime this weekend so check back and/or watch your feed!

Here's something new to look at.  :)