New York Cheesecake

I enjoy baking for the sake of eating desserts once in a while. The quick and easy stuff are cakes and brownies out of a box, which altogether aren't terrible, but made from scratch or what I consider officially homemade baked goods are always beyond comparison.

Making a cheesecake seemed like an impossible task, but the recipe and the procedure were surprisingly simple provided you have patience. Unfortunately, I'm forbidden to tell you all what's in it - for it was Jen's mom's recipe.
According to my wife, this a traditional New York Cheesecake. No crazy chocolate or caramel drizzle or what Jen calls cackified pie filling out of a can as a fruit topping. No lemon or key-lime flavor enhancements or "fusion" to make the idea of cheesecake seem more cultural or regional, and no nuts or any kind of funky additions.

Cheesecake purest - that's what I am. Despite the time it took to make this, eating it is certainly worth every second of investment. But I think it's more fun to share with family, friends and neighbors.