Etsypreneur Jewelry Designs Bead Swap

Etsypreneur is a new community of Etsy sellers that are gathering together to support, promote and share ideas with each other.   It's growing very quickly, thanks to the great work being done by Kim & Tim Layton, who have the wildly successful site Everything Etsy.

Groups are forming and a tremendous amount of cross promotion is going on over there. If you're an Etsy seller it's the place to be. 

The jewelry designers group is working on it's first bead swap! If you're not familiar, it's a way to exchange beads with another designer.  You send out your extra beads, (I know, there is no such thing right?) or beads that you feel might inspire another designer.

In return, you get a brand new bag of beads to get busy with. It's absolutely not a way to get rid of the awful beads you thought looked good but got in the mail and hated!  Just sayin'.

**To read entry rules and/or participate visit the Etsypreneur Jewelry Designers forum.**

If you're not already a  member of Etsypreneur, please visit and sign up!