Fun with photos.  Who knew I would enjoy photography so much?  It seems that the majority of what I post on here is photos.  Hm.

Today I discovered photo editing via something called "actions". In a nutshell, 'actions' are a preset list of steps set up in Photoshop.  I simply downloaded some actions from the web, installed them and clicked "play".  Three hours passed before I even realized. 

I've found that they make jewelry look really lovely, but I think the photos are then not truly representative of the actual jewelry.  I might play around some though and make a few test photos.

Here is the husband - the first photo is straight from the camera; what follows are the photos after actions have been applied.   (If I had been paying better attention I would have made a note of the action that I used and could tell you in the caption. *doh* Next time, I promise.)

Straight from camera


I think this is my favorite