Stitch Along with Feeling Stitchy

Feeling Stitchy is exactly what I have been feeling lately.  Which is a good thing since I've been a bit uninspired on the jewelry making front.

I decided to join a Stitch-along with the  Feeling Stitchy Flickr group.  Here's the design that we're using:

According to the rules of the group we just stitch the design in any way we like and are free to modify it as well. Since I'm still in the newbie phase of embroidery I didn't trust myself to put this design on anything important like a shirt or table cloth etc.  I simply traced the design on a scrap of muslin and went to town.

I believe the stitch-along was meant to go for the entire month of February. Oops. I sort of just kept going until it was finished. I meant to take photos to show my work in progress. Oops. Didn't do that either.

Here's what I did do:

February Feeling Stitchy Stitch-Along

I changed the design when I realized that the flowers around the ring were looking like hyacinths.  That was a stroke of luck really.

Hyacinths were hiding in my embroidery!

I mixed two colors of thread (like I did in my previous embroidery project)  I really like the look when the threads are just a shade or so off from one another.  I did this for the hyacinths, the purple petals and the green leaves.

I love taking photos at an angle!

The flowers that look white are actually a super pale blue with a brown french knot to accent. I used three and four strands at a time depending on how I was feeling, though I was consistent throughout the project. (If I used four for a stem then all stems were four)  I can't seem to get used to using all six threads at once. It seems way too chunky to me.  I was down to one thread for the vein on the leaves, which to me made them stand out that much more.

Muslin is no longer my enemy.

Here are the colors of DMC floss I used:

Purples: 154 & 3042
Greens: 469 & 731
Blues: 504 & 3756
Brown: 801

If you've come over from the Feeling Stitchy Flickr group feel free to post links to your projects and/or blogs. I would love to visit you! :)


  1. Beautiful work and I'm pleased you've made friends with muslin now!:) Your embroidery is divine...the hyacinths are lovely and the colour combination is gorgeous! :)

  2. Mimi! Thank you SO much for you stopping by and for saying such kind things! This totally made my day :D

  3. Your work is very beautiful. Very creative. How have you worked the hyacinths, I would like to know,

  4. Hi Chitra,
    The hyacinths are made up of small french knots clustered very close together. I used two strands (each a different color) and wrapped the thread twice. I hope that helps :)

    Thanks for visiting!


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