Our Potted Garden - June 1

Yellow African Daisy
Over the past month the garden has really taken off. Less rain and more sunshine has done all of my plants wonders. I ended up losing a few plants from too much water with all the rain, and now the survivors reach for the sun's rays.

I've harvested a large ziploc bag of basil already, and it looks like I'm about to get more.

Beefsteak Tomato
I've got only 2 tomatoes so far, but I anticipate more fruit in the coming month.

Oregano and Boxwood Basil
My herbs have been very slow to grow except for the past two weeks.

3 of our 4 cats love this stuff. I think I need to upgrade to a larger pot.

I'm going to need a bigger pot for this thing, or maybe I'll stick it in the ground where the lawnmowers won't get it.

For some reason the squirrels and raccoons like to punish my chives when there's no food in the feeders. These add an interesting flavor to my homemade pizza.

Jen hates dill. I'll have to find some recipes that have subtle use of it so maybe Jen will change her mind about it. She hates curry, but I've used tiny amounts of it in dishes which have been acceptable (delicious!). I'm not a big fan of food smothered in curry either, to be honest, but it can add so much to a dish when used moderately.

The Gerbera had a very slow month. We brought it home from the store with beautiful flowers, those died off and then it seemed to go dormant for awhile. Now the buds and flowers seems to cycle routinely. There are currently about 7 flowers with more buds on the way.

I'm thinking I'm going to have to transplant my Lobelia into a bigger pot. It's a thirsty plant and I can't keep it watered.

Mint with Verbena in the background
I have to figure out harvesting times for the mint. It seems to be growing in cycles, and I have to figure out when to get usable leaves.


bell pepper
I'm hoping that by putting 3 plants in one pot I can pot-bound these to make the fruit grow faster.

Purple African Daisy

Roma Tomato
I have 2 'maters so far!

This has a slow start but is now starting to take off. Soup this fall!

Thanks for reading! - TKN