Feeling Stitchy Stitchalong - July

Thanks to the  fabulous and gracious MimiLove, I could not resist this month's Feeling Stitchy stitchalong.  Mimi donated this very handsome gnome pattern from her original artwork for us to stitch. 

Here is Mimilove's amazing version:

I very much enjoy mixed media;  painting and embroidery look fabulous together. At least I think they do when Mimilove does it, so I decided to make mine stitching an homage to Mimi's style.

My gnome was printed on the back of an old torn out book page, painted with watercolors and embellished with embroidery.

Tom Gnome.

Fancy shirt Mr. Gnome.

Excessively stitched flowers...

More excessively stitched flowers...

A hint of bushy eyebrows!

What I learned while completing this project:

1. Old book paper absorbs water like a sponge; go lightly with the water.
2. It's easier to stitch if you poke holes first and then go through with the thread.
3. Think  about your paper choice - my reverse side with text made it difficult to see the tiny pre-poked holes.
4. Mimilove is even more talented than I had previously thought.
5. I like painting even though I have no idea what I'm doing. :)

Huge thanks to Mimilove for being such an inspiration and for donating her pattern.  Visit the Flickr group for more stitchalong fun!


  1. I cannot express how completely thrilled I am by your Tom, especially as you've painted him too! LOVE LOVE LOVE! :0) XX

  2. Thank you ma'am! You really are an inspiration.. I hadn't the nerve to try your style until you donated your pattern! ♥


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