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This week I've been able to spend more time poking around the Hand Embroidery Network.  There are tons of creative people and I really enjoy looking at other people's work. :)

Yesterday I came across a forum post asking if there were stitchers willing to give feedback in exchange for a free pattern.  I was more than happy to help Stephanie of Weird Woolly Designs out!

I immediately checked out her pattern which was chock full of info, from a materials list & instructions on how to complete the pattern as she did, to links for stitching and product resources, and even finished design ideas.  It was very well put together and I'm sure when she starts selling her patterns she'll get no complaints.

I transferred the pattern onto a piece of fabric that I've been dying to use.

Notice the texture at this angle.. quite obvious!

But from this angle, not so much with the textture..

Here it is stitched in it's teeny tiny glory (I used a 3" hoop)


I worked each of the hula hoop sections with a different count of thread from one strand in the top right corner to 6 in the bottom right corner.  I also used fewer strands on the border to the left to give the design even more dimension.  I think I will work this around a small frame and hang it.. a touch of red is always welcome in my house. :)

You can visit Stephanie at her blog or her Etsy shop for beautifully finished artwork!


  1. I love what you've done with the pattern!! I love the red & the different thread counts & the subtle pattern of the fabric! It looks awesome. I'm so glad you tested out the pattern!


  2. I was happy to test your pattern and the stitching was fun.
    Thank you for the opportunity! :)


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