It's International Talk Like a Pirate day!  Did you roam around saying things like "that tickles me wooden leg, matey?"    I don't celebrate beyond being happy it's the actual day.  I have no idea why I look forward to it, I just think it's cool.   And I like my pirate name, Mad Jenny Flint. I think I'll keep it.


I'm super behind on blogging.. I have some ATC's to show you from my aforementioned swaps, as well as some really lovely artwork I got from a new friend across the pond.

We are gearing up for a local arts & crafts show in November, with the MIL, (whom I also need to blog about, as she's opened up her own Etsy shop)  which I need to tell you about.

I will be sending out a newsletter in October which will include a free pattern for the holidays. This will be exclusively for subscribers.. so sign up while you can. 

I'm thinking we will also be having a giveaway for the holidays. 

Lots of good stuff coming up in future posts.. please stay tuned!