Take a Stitch - Button Hole Stitch

Week two of TAST is in mid-swing!  There have been a lot of really great photos already in the FB group, and links a plenty on the Tast page.

The button hole stitch is also referred to as the blanket stitch, which you will mostly see used as edging for blankets and around edges as it gives them a finished look. In the case of felt, the blanket stitch keeps that edge looking crisp.

I've not ever used this stitch for surface embroidery before and wasn't quite sure what to do. I just put some fabric in a hoop and started stitching.  Sometimes the results are surprising!

Button Hole Swamp
I was most intrigued by the button hole bar variation, which is what you see here in blue. None of them came out quite perfectly, but I love the texture of them and this is definitely a stitch I will use more in the future.

Button Hole bars

The button hole wheel is also  stitch I liked, but I found myself having trouble with the tension as I went around. Above you can see I did a partial wheel which seemed to work better.

Button Hole wheel

The stems are a variation of the button hole called the 'up and down'.  I like them quite a bit also and experimented with them in different sizes and different angles.  Fun!

Did you participate in Tast this week?  If you did, feel free to link to your site in a comment. I would really love to see your work!

Until next time.. happy stitching!