Take a Stitch - Fly Stitch

This year I'm participating in a challenge called "Take a Stitch Tuesday" (TAST).  It involves learning a new stitch every Tuesday throughout 2012.  There are over 500 people participating from all over the world.  The challenge is organized by Sharon from Pin Tangle and you can read more about it here.  And join in, if you'd like!

The first stitch was announced this week and already there has been overwhelming response on the Facebook page!  I thought it would take people a few days at least.. but people were posting their work that same day!

I haven't made a final decision about how I'll showcase my work, but I am leaning towards a fabric book of stitches.  I want to keep it simple and just be inspired by each stitch. 

Here she be.. the Fly Stitch:

I love how the stitch can be used for many things. 

Birds & Butterflies

Flower stems

Wheat & a Kite!

A pretty spring scene

The fabric is a remnant of a piece of cotton/linen blend that I hand dyed with Kool Aid. (Blue Raspberry Lemonade to be exact) I think I will keep to this size and shape which is sort of trade paperback-ish.

We've had too many cloudy days here, which makes for mostly terrible pictures, however, this blue seems best captured on a day like this.

I'm looking forward to next week's stitch and to checking out the many blogs and flickr sites of the other participants. 

Are you stitching along?  Feel free to link to your own TAST, I would love to visit and see what you're doing!