Take a Stitch - What a Cretan!

This week's stitch (the Cretan Stitch) for TAST was a real challenge for me.   There are several variations but I liked the look of the closed stitch best.  I thought it would provide an alternative to the fishbone stitch for leaves.

As you can see, I didn't execute the stitch as well as I'd have liked and there was as stunning lack of consistency.   On the plus side though, I really like the look of the variegated thread.

Cretan Stitch Leaves

As you can see by this photo from Needle n Thread, Mary is an expert at the stitch and of course I want my leaves to look just as lovely!

Mary Corbet's perfect Cretan!

I do have to wonder if the even weave fabric above made the difference. I will have to give this stitch a go on Aida in future.

Some of my favorite TAST entries have been done by Chris over at Ella's Craft Creations.  She's doing a set of mandalas which are incredibly beautiful. Please visit and have a peek.

 There are well over 500 people participating so please link to your TAST page so we can all visit your site and see what you're up to. :)