Have you heard of Craftsy?  It's a  community that offers online crafting courses and workshops. They've just started a pattern section that allows indie designers to list their patterns for sale.  The cool thing is it provides instant download to the buyer, so unlike Etsy or any of the other handmade marketplaces, you can buy at anytime and get your pattern immediately.

I try to provide the best customer service I can, so I tend towards super fast turn around in all my shops, but that only works when I'm awake.  Craftsy will provide that alternative to buyers who buy at off times and want their patterns at lightning speed.

I've been sticking my nose in all sorts of places lately, so to update everyone here are all the places you can find my patterns for sale:


Over all there isn't much difference between the venues, at least from the perspective of the buyer.  Etsy is the most established and has lots of feedback for you to thumb through so you can check up on me. ;)

Now that I've been talking about this I think I'll do a review/comparison post on the different marketplaces I use. If that interests you, keep those peepers peeled. :)

For now I just wanted to mention Craftsy to you and now I'm back to see what classes they're offering!