Hexagon Crochet Madness

I've long been an admirer of Lucy at Attic24.  Her site is full of crochet eye candy - every color and shape possible.  It's always an inspiring and cheerful stop on my blog rounds.  If you haven't visited, please do!

The moment I saw her granny hexagons I've wanted to make my own vibrant blanket and I'm happy to say I've finally started.  I am not into big projects that have no end in sight... you know the ones I mean.. like a full size quilt or a king-size blanket that is one continuous piece.  UGH! I would rather chew ground glass than take on something like that. 

But, you're making a granny blanket Jen. WTH?  What could be more trouble, really? 

Well, you see, I'm able to fool my little brain into thinking it's a small project as I get that full sense of satisfaction upon completion of each granny. 

So one granny....

becomes many grannies...

and they multiply...

like bunnies...

Until you have a gazillion of them!

My friend Paula, who is also hexagon crazed like me, wanted to know how long each one of these takes me. I did time it, and if I'm working without interruption each granny only takes 10 minutes.  I save my crochet for the evening when the light isn't the best because I don't need to see anything in minute detail like I do with embroidery. 

So in an evening, watching  listening to tv, I do 6 or so hexies. Then I pack up the box until the next night.  When I run out of yarn to make them I'm going to start tucking ends, which I will do with the same method - 6 or so per night.  

The yarn I'm using is from  Knit Picks.  I'm using two different sport weight yarns. Both are Pima cotton blends.  Here's a list of all the colors I'm using:

Lady Slipper

Green Apple

I also ordered Sea Foam, Grapefruit, & Marlin.  Those colors are lovely, but not the same shade as the rest so they've been put aside for now.   I really enjoy working with this brand of yarn and I am not really able to tell the difference between the the Comfy and the Shine - they both feel wonderful.  

So, it's a big project (YIKES!) with instant gratification and a sense of completion which my brain really loves and therefore doesn't feel overwhelming in that "I'm never going to finish this!!!" sort of way. :)

Just one more pic - because I really am delighted with the colors...