Playing with PB&J and friends - A quilting charm pack extravaganza

I recently discovered the Missouri Star Quilt Company online while searching for charm pack deals.

As it happens, my friend Paula told me about them the very next day because they have a daily deal, in which something awesome is on wicked sale.  Last week it was a deal for a mini-charm pack.
As they go, charm packs come in a mini size- which measure 2.5" square and a regular size which measure 5" square.  Usually they consist of 42 pieces of fabric, but can also be half that size. My experience has been that each pack contains some duplicates.  There are many other sizes of pre-cut quilting packs, but as yet I haven't opened my purse that deeply. 
The charm pack that was on sale last week was  Bake Sale by Riley Blake. It was a full 42 piece pack and I got it for $1.95!  I know, right!!  Normal prices for 5" charm packs range from $6-ish to $13-ish. So this was a serious bargain.  What will I do with it? I dunno!  But how do you pass up $1.95?

Bake Sale by Riley Blake 5" Charm Pack

Given that I was already spending a bit of money on the Missouri Quilt Co site, I figured I would pick up a couple of other charm packs that I'd had on my favorites list. The first is Comma, by Moda.

Comma, by Brigitte Heitland for ZEN CHIC for Moda
Comma, is a mini-pack, and it's so darn cute!  The photo also doesn't give much indication as to what kind of colors this pack has so I took a side view shot.
Side view Comma, by Moda
As you can see these packs are trimmed with pinked edges so that they won't fray on you. I will say that so far the mini-packs shed a bit while you're working with them. And by shed I mean you're covered in bits of fabric before you're done. 
To give you an idea of scale, here's the two packs together.
2.5" & 5" charm packs

I also purchased PB&J by Moda. I loved it so much I immediately opened it and began making honeycombs. So, no stack photo of PB&J. Alas!  Instead  I have photos of some finished honeycombs that I was arranging.  I'm thinking I might make hoop art with them, or even sew them on to tea towels. Mollie at Wild Olive has a neat tutorial for hexagons and tea towels.

PB&J by Basic Grey for Moda
Some of the patterns in this stack have letters on them. This next picture has an "M" in the middle. It's totally cut off because of it's size and further obscured by the shape of the paper piece, but I think it only adds to the visual appeal.
Honeycomb Hex Flower
Possibly a B. Maybe an E.
Shortly after this photo, our cat 6 jumped up and laid his big cat bum onto the table where I had these laid out.  Glad I got photos of the arrangement as they scattered to the wind when I yelled for him to get off.  CATS!! 
 Do you have a favorite charm pack?  Have you purchased any of the charm packs I've mentioned? If so I would love to see what you've made with them!  Please do share!