Pretty Little Paris - WIP

Now that we have successfully moved and have somewhat settled in, I can get back to blogging and sharing my works in progress, tutorials, and other tidbits with you.

Currently I'm working on a pattern called Pretty Little Paris by Satsuma Street on Etsy.

I'm using Fiddler's Cloth in 18 count.  I love the bright colors - and have a room that is filled to the brim (hopefully tastefully!) with all the colors of the rainbow.

I miscalculated while preparing the fabric for this design and am now realizing I will not be able to frame it in a hoop as I originally planned.  So once the stitching is done you will all get to see a tutorial on just what to do when that happens. I'm not saying I know now, but hopefully something will occur to me.

Here's the progress thus far:

Progress on Day 1
I love the way counted cross stitch looks, but it is definitely a focus intensive craft for me.  I usually add up time spent on a project by how many episodes of a tv show (or movies) I'm able to listen to while working.  This one was a movie and a half.

Progress Day 3
This part was done over two days.  The tower was the second day and the bits to the left were the third.

Progress day 6
Several days went by before I took another progress pic; much ado over Christmas!  I have now lost count of how many hours I've worked on it.

Progress Day ??
This is the point at which I realized my project would not fit in the hoop entirely as I planned.  As you can see to the left the trees are now out of frame. I'm not sure if I felt more stupid or more mad. I love the colors though and how it's looking thus far!

Progress Day #@!#^
So that little bit of building on the top right is the top of a windmill, which I *think* might fit without my having to move the hoop.  Crossing fingers because there is not enough fabric on the right to move the hoop any further; which I discovered today.

There are two other patterns that I purchased along with this one so I could make a trio of them in my living room.  I also purchased Tokyo and London.  Jody has seven cities to date and I would love to have them all.

Sadly, while I'm working on personal projects it means I am not working on new patterns for my shop. So the next few weeks will see me focused on a new Valentine pattern and then I can go back to Paris.

What projects are you working on this year?


  1. Did we indeed successfully move in and get settled?

  2. Like your Paris and can't wait for London! Also looking forward to your Valentine Patterns!!!


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