Come into our garden

And now, a brief post about gardening. Well, not really. I don't do much gardening though I do have very specific ideas of what I like and don't like and am not quiet at all about sharing that information with the person in my house who actually does do the gardening. I'm a lucky girl that he is so easy going.

An adventure was had by all yesterday as we visited Stanley's Greenhouse. To say it was packed with both plants and people would be an enormous understatement.  The checkout lines were immense and I'm only glad I didn't have to wait in one, though there were many things I would have loved to bring home.

Like this Hydrangea.  How gorgeous is this?  I've never seen this color. Normally it's pale pink or blue or purple.  

One of the cutest things was the miniature terrarium section -filled with tiny garden furniture; like for fairies or gnomes. It was SO dang cute!!!  I certainly don't need another hobby, but it is soooooo tempting!

Here's a simple one they had on display.
Wee garden!

There were many plants and flowers that I had never seen before and many that I thought would be  lovely in our own garden. We've decided to wait an entire year before we do any major changes to our yard since this is our first year here.

This ColorBlaze Sedona coleus is in contention for complimenting our boxwood in the front of our house. How gorgeous is this!?

ColorBlaze Sedona Coleus

They had beautiful succulents, like this Hens & Chicks.
Cobweb Hens & Chicks

These were so cool but really kinda creepy - like a family of spiders is lying in wait.  I passed on these but did buy a plain Hens & Chicks for my kitchen window sill.

Beautiful blossom!
I have no idea what this flower is, I didn't take a photo of the tag.  If you know what it is -feel free to leave a comment.

Here's one last photo - of my husband in a pith helmet, because everyone should have a pith helmet.