Londonderry Linen and DMC Embroidery Floss

Linen thread by Londonderry is 100% linen and while it can be used for many applications, I use it for fine embroidery. It comes in several weights, though I've only used their mid-weight which is 30/3. 
The first number is the weight of the thread and the second is the number of plies that are used to make the thread.  Even though it has plies, like DMC stranded cotton, it isn't meant to be separated. 

Londonderry Linen Thread

I recently stocked up on some new colors, which I purchased at Hedgehog Handworks.   The only downside to purchasing online, and really this goes for anything you buy online, is that you don't always know what the true colors are. Everyone's monitor protrays colors differently. Having previously purchased a few colors, I know this thread doesn't have the sheen that DMC cotton floss has, and that the colors are more muted. Now that I was in the market for new colors I wanted to be able to get at least an approximation before buying.

Hedgehog doesn't actually show each of the colors, though there is a small sampling of spools on the order page.  I searched online and came across photos of all the colors on Purl Soho.  They're so brilliant and lovely on this page! I wanted them all!  But I noticed that the colors were very vibrant and I know that the colors I already have are just not quite that bright.  I jumped in and purchased some new colors and decided to match them up with my DMC floss colors as closely as I could.  I thought it might be helpful as DMC floss is readily available and universal really to anyone who embroiders.

Without further ado.. here they are!

Terra Cotta & Jonquil

Londonderry Terra Cotta matches with DMC 352 (Coral, Light) and Londonderry Jonquil matches closest to DMC 742 (Tangerine, Light).

Cabernet & Maple Sugar

Londonderry Cabernet matches with DMC 221 (Shell Pink, Very Dark) and Maple Sugar most closely resembles DMC 680 (Old Gold, Dark).

Peacock Green & Evergreen
 Londonderry Peacock Green matches up to DMC 561 (Jade, Very Dark) and Londonderry Evergreen is closest to DMC 935 (Avocado Green, Dark).

Violet & Lilac
 Londonderry Violet's closest match is DMC 554 (Violet, Light) and the Londonderry Lilac matches up with DMC 210 (Lavendar, Medium).

Cornflower, Bluebird, & Bluebonnet
 Londonderry Cornflower is a close match for DMC 322 (Baby Blue), while Londonderry Bluebird is closest to DMC 798 (Delft Blue, Dark).  Londonderry Bluebonnet is the deepest of the three and matches closest to DMC 796 (Royal Blue, Dark).
Cotton Candy & Azalea Pink
 Finally we have Londonderry Cotton Candy which is almost a perfect match to DMC 603 (Cranberry) and Londonderry Azalea Pink which matches up to DMC 602 (Cranberry, Medium).

Please keep in mind that I'm only using my eyeballs to match these colors and not some super sophisticated color matching system.  So any errors are mine! Also, remember that the linen thread does not have the same kind of sheen that cotton floss does.

 I hope you find it helpful to know what the colors are and that you won't shy away from experimenting with new threads!

Here's a handy little chart you can use if you want to just have the numbers.